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EonCoat is an industrial strength corrosion resistant coating and CUI resistant coating that also provides
abrasion, chemical and heat resistance to protect almost any surface.


  EonCoat, is a two component system applied using a plural (2K) spray gun. Mix the coating in a 1:1 ratio, and spray on using simple plural spray equipment.
 The process requires no special heating equipment
or other apparatus.
EonCoat’s corrosion protection stops rust even in such harsh conditions. EonCoat bonds to metal substrates, converting metal surfaces to bonded ceramics.
 This newly formed ceramic surface is hard, nearly insoluble, and impervious to oxygen and moisture.
  • Markets Served
  • Oil & Gas
  • Marine
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Structural Steel
  EonCoat System: Application Allows for Fast Return to Service & Improved Corrosion Resistance

In one coat, EonCoat provides two layers of protection:
At the point of contact, EonCoat creates a chemical reaction that alloys steel. A passive layer forms that can no longer corrode, making the elements (rain, salty air, hot sun) a non-factor since alloyed steel cannot rust even if exposed to the elements.
The ceramic coating then acts as a secondary protection
on top of this passive layer. All in one-coat.

EonCoat works by turning the surface of the metal into a complex of stable oxides. Once the surface of the metal is stable (the way gold and silver are stable) the material will no longer react with the environment
and form rust.
EonCoat builds a ceramic layer on top of the new stable surface in a single application. This layer is hard and extremely abrasion resistant and further protects the stable surface from anything that might damage it, including corrosion promoters. As a result, corrosion promoters (like oxygen and humidity) cannot get behind this corrosion resistant coating and migrate the way they can with ordinary paints.
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Fire Retardant  
Fire Proof Painting
  Intumescent Painting
EonCoat fire retardant coating has a flame spread rating of zero.
 An EonCoated surface exposed directly to flame will not catch fire unless the flame generates enough heat to make the substrate behind the coating self-ignite.

Structural Steel Beams
Factories - Oil Rigs
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Labor costs make up roughly 60-80% of paint jobs. The simple application process for EonCoat corrosion, abrasion and heat resistant coating lowers labor costs while providing a higher quality protective barrier.



EonCoat  Is a being  applyed to Rail road tracks Bullet Propane Tanks
 Prevents Rust and Corrosion

Insulating Tanks with Spray Foam Insulation
petroleum and oil field tanks, Frac tanks, water tanks,   Tank farms, chemical tanks, agricultural and ethanol tanks, propane tanks, Chemical Tanks Water Towers


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