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Non-toxic, water-based

Colorless, odorless

Safe for pets and people

Non-staining latex paint

Mold and bacteria resistant

Safe for food prep areas


Flame barrier

Minimum mil thickness

Industrial  Painting

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Concrete Plant Painting

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Add this  Glow in the
 dark paint for your company's Safety



Luminescent Painting


Lion Enclosure in
Dallas Fort Worth Zoo

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Advanced Molecular Coating
of Aluminum and Steel
Substrate Surfaces
Concrete Coating
Marine & Hull Coating

Proffesional Coval Applicators

Under the Supervision of Quantum Coating & Sealants
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Covel Anti Griffiti Coating
# 1 in the line of anti Graffiti Coating Products


















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Industrial Complexes

Water Tank Inspections & Painting

Thermal Painting

Fire Retardant Painting

California Industrial Painting





Anti graffiti Painting

For all your  California Commercial & Industrial  Painting
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Wall Paper Industrial Commercial High Rises
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DustLess Sand Blasting
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 Confined Space Applications
Concrete Coating & Repair
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Plural Component Spray

* *We are
Specialty Coatings Applaicators
Of High Tec Products
Rust Grip
Fire Retardant Coatings
Thermal Coatings
Lead Base Paint Encapsulation

  • Secondary Containment - Concrete Floors Grinding - Pipes - Structurial Steel - Tank Linings -  Process Equipment
    Confined spaces inside  Water Towers -  Chemical tank - Silos- Ships-

Industrial Painting contractor  -  Commercial Painting Contractor

Propane Tanks Painting

 High-rise buildings -  Flares - Smoke Stacks -Towers - Water Tanks -
Oil Tanks, Pipes, Commercial Industrial. Large apartment complexes. All phases of painting. Hotels, Casino's, Condos, Malls. Town houses, Towers 


Full Service
White Metal Sand Blasting Company


DustLess Sand Blasters

Stop Old Style Sand blasting causing a cloud of dust
 We provide DustLess Sandblasting


No Dust 

Industrial Sand Blasting / Commercial Sand Blasting / Soda Blasting / Glass Bead Blasting

Tanks - Water Towers - Structural Steel - Brick & Cement Structures 

California Baking Soda  Blasting - Water - Blast Potassium -
 Sulfate Blasting Sand Blasting Ground Corn Cobs  Blasting Walnut Shells Blasting Black Beauty - Coal Slag Glass Beads Blasting


Thermal Painting - Fire Retardant Painting -

We are Fire Proof Painting  & Thermal Coatings Applicators. at
California Industrial Painting Company

Molecular Coatings Applacators

Quatum Mike Covel

Anti Graffiti Painting


We help you get set up  for a tank inspection, and the complete Outside and Inside painting Of your  commercial & industrial tanks, of any size.

Water tower Painting & Logos


We have our MSHA
  Approved Qualifications and Certifications


Mine Safety and Health
  Administration Certified


MSHA Certified

BROWZ Compliance


Kennott Copper Mines
Urainium One Mines

Barrick Gold Mines & Climax Mines

   Factories Structural Steel   


Industrial Tank Farms


Factories - Epoxy's
Industrial and  Commercial
Full Service Painting Company

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Structural Steel - Chemical  Plants  - Tanks

 Water Towers Logos  Inside and Outside  Tank Painting


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Our experienced painters are ready to work in any environment. Professionalism and job safety are practiced regularly by all of our works in order to deliver quality service. A professional painting contractor must have experience with commercial and industrial environments. Avoiding any likelihood of danger and risk by following proper safety procedures is key to successfully completing any commercial or industrial painting project. As California Industrial Painting & California Commercial Painting Professionals.


 Commercial Vinyl Covering Division


We bring in Large Crews  to accommodate your
specific needs and schedule
Our crews work 24/7 nights & weekends including holidays

Time to remove that Dark orange Vinyl paper                Much Better      


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Hotels - Casinos -  Restaurants Office buildings high traffic areas.
For Acrylic Texture. Acrylic Knockdown
Where wall are bumped torn scraped, scratched and marred.
When product dries on the walls it's like having a iron film to protect you investment.


Interior & Exterior Tank Painting                  Before                                   After    See More

Now some out side Tank Painting


Does your Home Have the best Fire Proof Paint and application

California Industrial Painting provides the fire proof coatings to save your home and Lives.
Hire the crew of California Industrial Painting before the fire season returns.

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The perfect combination of durability and energy savings. See our
Thermal Paint  Painting Contractor.

Large Industrial Buildings




Proof Painting

Commercial & Industrial
Fire Proof Painting Contractor

Fire Retardant Coatings
Saves Lives

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Manufacturing Facilities-Process Facilities-Chemical Process Facilities-Food Processing Facilities-Research & Development Laboratories-Distribution Facilities-Energy Facilities-Industrial
Buildings-Industrial Equipment-Water/Wastewater Facilities-
Solid Waste Facilities-Plant Dismantlements
Pulse Processing Facility Improvements-Water Treatment Plant Expansion-Biomass-Fired Power Plant-Lubricant Blending Facility-Natural Gas Liquids Fractionation Plant Expansion
Silicon Valley Painting  Richmond Industrial Painting Bay Area Industrial Painting

Baking Soda  Blasting - Water - Blast Potassium - Sulfate Blasting,Sand Blasting Ground Corn Cobs  Blasting Walnut Shells,Blasting Black Beauty - Coal Slag Glass Beads Blasting,Blast cabinet Dry Ice Blasting From Fine to Coerce Grit Sodium Bicarbonate Non Glass beads Blasting Crushed Glass Blasting Aluminum Oxide Blasting
 Commercial Sand Blast  Industrial Sand Blasting

Wheel blasting  Hydro-blasting Micro-abrasive blasting
Automated blasting Portable blast Water tank
Soda BlastingWater Jet Blasting Chemical Tank sand Blasting,Residential paint water blast
Hydro Blasting - Bead blasting

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Go Green  environmentally safe paint

Light Pole Painting



The new regulations require the removal of lead base paint
When it is removed in can become air born and cause more health issues then when left in placeTo sole the problem  The regulations of safety require Lead Abatement Certified  Contractors
  California Commercial painters serving Los Angeles, Bay Area, San Jose, Orange County, SF.

Insulating Tanks with Spray Foam Insulation
petroleum and oil field tanks, Frac tanks, water tanks,   Tank farms, chemical tanks, agricultural and ethanol tanks, propane tanks, Chemical Tanks Water Towers

Painting on Mine Sites MSHA Certified


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